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Mike Midgette, PGA Certified Instructor - Assistant Golf Professional, Hempstead Golf & Country Club - Owner, Certified Golf Products - Founder, Keeping It Green, INC.

First, my passion for the game of golf has developed into much more than just playing the game competitively. Teaching is a strong second passion and I've started a company that distributes and sells, what I think, are the best products out there. I feel training aids get a bad rep because golfers use them to replace lessons when they're having trouble or simply because golfers don't know how to use them. These products actually should SUPPLEMENT instruction when applied appropriately. Just click the Certified Golf Products link above to find out what products may work for you!

Secondly, I have found a problem in the golf community that needs to be solved immediately. There is not enough GREEN action being taken and I founded a non-profit to help support the golf community. I want to bring more recycling and other GREEN activities to golf through Keeping It Green, INC (