No matter your skill level, Michael has plenty of options to improve your game. So whether you’d like to hone in on one area of your game or improve all together, Michael has it here for you.

A Letter From The Pro

Improvement starts with the desire to get better. Trying to do something that you’re passionate about almost always comes with the help of others. In my all inclusive improvement program, you have every aspect of the game covered. From full swing to the short game, health and fitness to sports psychology, I have the experience with the physical game and nutrition, and have assembled a team of other accomplished professionals that will only add to your experience. In other words, I am providing the tools you need, so there are no excuses not to get better.

Whether you’re just a weekend warrior, someone starting the game, or are pursuing any form of tournament golf, I am confident I have the experience to get you to the level you want to be at. But, don’t just take my word for it; visit my “My Mission” page for testimonials from my students who are of different skill levels with different desires.

I have worked with some of great instructors, both golf and fitness, and still take lessons myself. Just as in life, if you stop learning, you stop living (in my opinion). In golf, especially being a professional, I am always in search of learning something new. Ask some of the greatest athletes of all time, you learn more from failing, than you do from winning. When you win, you learn that you can do it and know how to do it. When you fail, you must learn from it and do everything you can to get better. I am a passionate person and I love to pass that energy on to my students.

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Feel free to contact me at anytime during your online lesson program. Like I said, I have assembled a great team to help you with nutrition, fitness, and the psychology of the game as well. Allow yourself this opportunity to take advantage of having access to professionals almost any time you want. Thank you for your interest and to those that join the movement, thank you for your commitment! Now, let’s get better!