New Golfers, Experienced Golfers, & Baby Boomers

Adult New Golfer Programs

We have the New Rules of Golf Instruction, to bring you the latest in golf Skill Development and the Most Effective Learning Approach. This gets your game going Fast & Easy, so you can have Fun when you play!

Choose Get Golf Ready Starter for Beginners / New to Golf, or High scoring players, or those golfers Returning to golf…

GET GOLF READY – includes:

  • 6 hours of instruction (4 x 90-minute range lessons)
  • 5 FREE Rounds of off-peak golf
  • Lesson pocket notes for each of the golf skill lessons
  • Learn to walk the walk & talk the talk, so you can play in any foursome feeling good about your game!

Adult Experienced Golfer Programs

Join these Golf Lesson options that meet your schedule and Get you going – playing golf for fun:

  • Coach-on-Call Month – 6-hrs, Play, Learn & calls each week. 9-hole Play to build Personal Improvement Plan, Flightscope radar range training to Optimize Driver & Get Iron Distance gapping control. 4 calls once / week to review plans & get you / keep you on track. Al this is JUST LIKE the TOUR PROS do…
  • Private Coaching – set your own time & schedule , 1-hr lesson, 3 lesson package or 6 lesson package.
These programs gives you the accolades & respect of others when you play, and that’s fun! Our Goal is to develop your Essential Golf Skills, while Maintaining Your Unique Style, just a more skillful version of it.

We start with Your Unique Style, build on your Existing Flexibility, age and body style, to improve THE golf swing that fits YOU best, like a custom made suit. That means that you will not only look good, but have more fun with less effort, so you can Reach Your Golf Potential. Since Everyone is built unique and there are many unique styles in the Golf Hall of Fame, why not use the golf style that you already have, and NOT copy someone else who you can never be?