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May 15, 2018
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Pro Head 2 Trainer


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The PRO-HEAD Trainer (PHT) is a patented, full swing training aid that has three basic parts: 1. a base or platform that must be weighted with water or sand; 2. a vertical pole for height adjustment and 3. an arm with a foam rubber attachment or hat attachment that serves as the fixed reference point to provide immediate tactile feedback on faulty swing movements. When in use, the PHT looks like a teacher reaching out with his arm with a club in hand, to give instruction to his student.

The PHT gives golfers immediate feedback on whether or not they are maintaining their spine angles and keeping their heads behind the ball through impact. By placing their heads against a foam rubber cylinder, which serves as a fixed reference point, and maintaining slight pressure against the foam, golfers are able to gain a repeatable and consistent swing that they can take from their PHT to the golf course.

From Michael Midgette, PGA: “I’ve used the Pro Head 2 Trainer and I can tell you that it works! That’s for any skill level, too! Not only does it help keep a steady head, but you can use it for hip sway, early extension, chipping/pitching, and putting. You can use it indoors or outdoors, but is ideal for golf academies to have on hand at their facility for students to go over and use whenever they want. I use the Pro Head 2 at the beginning of every golf season to make sure my fundamentals are in check. It’s easy to set up and very, very effective if you want a more consistent swing!”