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November 22, 2018
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May 15, 2019
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Almost every golfer would love to hit the ball farther and be more consistent off the tee. By applying the time-tested and scientifically validated principles of Overspeed Training to golf instruction programs, our team at SuperSpeed Golf has developed a program that will help all golfers increase distance and consistency.

Our team at SuperSpeed Golf works with many of the best players in the world and amateurs of all skill levels. We offer many services including comprehensive on-going coaching services, personalized game assessment and program development, distance learning, corporate experiences, and many more customizable programs. We have also appeared for speaking opportunities at many conferences, seminars, and events.

Available in Men’s, Women’s, Senior’s, and Junior’s Sets.


“I have used SuperSpeed diligently in my training and always recommend it to my students who are looking for a little more distance. It encourages proper acceleration in the golf swing, at the RIGHT TIME. The protocols available to train effectively are one of my favorite things to follow when training. If you want clubhead speed, look no further than SuperSpeed Golf.”

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Men\'s, Women\'s, Senior\'s, Junior\'s